welcome to cramblings.

Cramblings is a place for creative ramblings, in which we can explore the ups and downs, wonders and worries of being a creative, artist, maker or small business owner. 

On top of conversations with creatives, you can expect tutorials and ‘how-to’s’ with materials and processes, as well as articles on some bigger topics around being a creative in the modern world. I might even pop some poetry into the mix from time to time!

As an artist and all-round creative magpie myself, I’m always excited to learn more about different, new and usual creative practices and I'm always on the hunt for spaces in which creatives can come together and just get excited whilst talking about what they love doing.

A space to create, connect and explore.

Et voilà, Cramblings was born.

the face behind cramblings.

Nice to meet you!

My name is Dora, the creator of Cramblings.

I am an artist, maker  and all-round creative type based in Cardiff, Wales. My work varies from watercolour and digital illustration to sculpture and clay, highlighting and exploring the themes of feminism, mental health, nature, sustainability with kindness, positivity and softness at its core.

I've grown up in a very creative family, full of artists who all create very different things, so as a result I am now fascinated by everyone's creative processes, how we all differ, things we all struggle with and what creativity means to each of us as individuals.


I would describe myself as a restless creative, who can't seem to settle on just one thing, so I hope you'll love learning about a broad range of creative processes and subjects here on cramblings, just as much as I do!

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